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In memory of Paul...

What's new?
- Big Light album

"One of the most exciting performers to ever appear here - exquisite!"
The Troubadour

"...gifted and highly original. Exciting and gutsy..."
TV Week

Sydney Morning Herald


"These songs are truly cinematic. They're perfect for movies!"
Eddie Rayner, Split Enz

"...very tasty guitarist and refreshingly original."
Ralph McTell, Melody Maker

Unfortunately, Paul's dance with cancer ended badly on 19th September 2005.

I bought for Paul a few years before his death and hosted it for him
despite my encouragement he was not convinced of its usefulness.
Perhaps he had other things on his mind.

This site is based on the original demo page I built for him in his favourite shade of black
and I will just let it grow (or shrink) organically as I find things to add (and delete),
so keep scrolling down or use the simple navigation bar below. Jay

Music I
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Big Light album released 19/9/15
Note: all Paul's work is currently accessible as Not-for-profit.

Stream or download

'Big Light' is a collection of Paul's most commercial pop and anthemic songs that have the best production. Twelve tracks that I hope Paul would like to have released and that best show his talent as a musician, songwriter and a producer.
Listen and download the album for free or donation.
More details on



Big Light is now also available on CD. These are manufactured to order, cello-wrapped and drop-shipped worldwide within 2 hrs from Kunaki in Nevada. Pay by credit card. Allow 7-10 days delivery.

This 'demo' album is a not-for-profit release so, for now, it has been priced at Kunaki's minimum retail of US$2 plus US$4.30 shipping - which only covers costs. Total is US$6.30 which on current rates equals around A$8.75 delivered.

You can order hard copies for yourself or to send as gifts and please take the time to ponder any music publishers, music production companies, musicians or movie makers who you feel may be interested in licensing the songs and send them a copy - invest A$8.75 in promoting Paul's work.


Seven new tracks by Paul
from the mid-70's in Adelaide
donated by Bob Allen
Please stop each track before selecting the next one
1- Affair in Havana - guitar and vocal
2 - Sleep Street - guitar and vocal
3 - Convince me - piano and vocal
4 - October Smoke - piano and vocal
5 - Affair in Havana - band
6 - Sleep Street - band
7 - The Good Life - jingle - piano and vocal
Two new feature instrumental tracks
from 2002 donated by Richard Hill
Intro Riff - 2min
Written by Richard Hill ©
Performed and arranged by Paul.
Intro/Outro theme music.
Better Day (music only) - 4m:30s
Written by Richard Hill ©
Performed and arranged by Paul.
Incomplete song.



Paul's songs are collected in the Flash Player below in alphabetical order - all 40 tracks!!!!
Yes, that's two and half hours of pure Smyth magic! Thanks Paul - amazing - enjoy!
Special thanks to Lynda for sending a fantastic rare collection of tracks.

Note: this Flash Player can't be viewed on iDevices. Desktop browser only.

Note: Polookaville is digitised from a cassette and
'Who Knows How To Love' is 'I'll Never Lose You' backwards with new lyrics.
All written, performed, arranged, engineered, produced and mastered by Paul Smyth.
© All words and music Copyright Paul Smyth.
All tracks are demos only made available for demonstration purposes only not for sale or download.
If you wish to record/cover any of Paul's material please email Jay for his family contact details.

What's new...

I have started a FaceBook Page for Paul
which is a way for us all to stay in touch and promote his work
plus a place where we can all have our say and even some discussions.
All new developments will be posted there.

Terry Bradford has uncovered four old songs of Paul's
that were recorded in 1977 live at radio station 5UV.
The tracks have been added to the alphabetical jukebox above:
Affair In Havana, Boots Weren't Made For Dancing,
Picking Violets With Louise and Salamander Dreams live

There is also a new photo that just surfaced from Vicki Larnach
during a party at our house in Willoughby, Sydney circa 1990.
This is Paul grooving on piano, and Michael Gormly on percussion
and Paul's then-partner Linda, enjoying.

Paul's keyword cloud on StumbleUpon really sums him up...

Paul's biography on the old began...

"A visionary singer/songwriter/producer
who combines contemporary and traditional genres into wild cinematic stories.
Diverse vocals, lyrics and instrumentation with international appeal."

Sound Design

Below is an obscure track that Paul was commissioned to record
for the "Listening Room" sound sculpture series on ABC-FM.

Monday 22 April 1996 - 9.00pm THE LISTENING ROOM with Robyn Ravlich
A Course in Camel by Paul Smyth
"A playful audioclip in which the composer samples
and synthesizes several key areas of interest to him;
these are the logic of love, commercial creation, and camels."

This montage was added to the National Library Archives
in the week of the 6th anniversary of his transition on 19/9/2011.

I believe A Course In Camel defines his wit and his genius with sound
as well as his philosophy on life and performance.
It was always one of my favourites and makes a great Epitaph.

A Course In Camel (1.9mb)
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Words below...

A Course In Camel

P.A.L.M. T.R.E.E.

Hello, ah hah, yeah, yeah.
OK. You want a camel, you got a camel!

Hey, wait a second. I got it!

The universe flashes on and off on and off so fast
that you might think that it's real.
All the suns, moons, sand and camels are only real half the time,
and something only half real must be impossible.
It's an 'either/or' situation.
If it's real it's real. It ain't half real.
If it's not real it's illusion and therefore completely imaginary.
If it's real it will remain real whether you believe in it or not.
It's reality can't be threatened by anything. It is invulnerable.
Therefore what is vulnerable or transitory must be unreal.
All the suns and moons and camels and radios
and sand and sausages, computers and kings;
all breakable and all transitory. All imaginary.

So remember folks:
Thank you.

Wow. Tough crowd.
Anyone order Veal Nureyev?
Hey, how about that band?!

Words and music © Paul Smyth


For almost a year after his death you could still hear his voice-over
in the new re-runs of the old Arnott's Shapes TV ad.
This was quite disconcerting if you were making dinner with the TV on
and suddenly his voice would come out...
"Arnott's pizza shapes! Flavour you can see!!!"

Arnott's Pizza Shapes Ad (180kb)
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There is another version of the ad
with Paul saying Barbeque instead of Pizza.

Arnott's Barbeque Shapes Ad (200kb)
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I do find it amazing that he died on International 'Talk Like A Pirate' Day
which I emailed him about the night before. He and I often 'spoke like pirates'
and pirates featured in many of his songs.

He was a swashbuckler to the end...



Paul's primary method of managing and treating his cancer
was with German New Medicine.


I have added new pages for any photos that you can send me of Paul,
and include some brief words describing the history of the picture.
Photos from Jay, from Radha and Leanne

A message from Leanne

I just discovered Paul's site.
As you all know, it will take some time to find the right words
to express my love for such an inspirational person.
I will post the only copy that I have of his song 'Song of the Sailor'
which was written when I joined the Navy.
It truly is brilliant, but less so than the man.

A message from Terry Bradford

I'm an old friend of Paul's. I've known him since Adelaide and again in
Melbourne, Sydney and last but not least in Castlemaine.
As one writer to another, sorry I won't hear what you've
come up with lately. You did some great work. (We had started to write
together again after he dropped in on me here in Adelaide).

A message from Yuri Worontschak

In 1972 Paul and I entered a talent Quest at Norwood High School at what is now called "The Ivan Coward Hall". As a 15 year old I sang (and played piano) the Leon Rusell arrange version of "The Letter" very, very badly. Paul Smyth , a year older, a Pom, and in 5th form sang the most beautiful original ballad accompanying himself on guitar. He was smooth and he was brilliant. He easily won and I was runner up. No contest really. I will never forget how great that moment was. I had never played in front of more than 6 people in my life before. I never sang in public (seriously) again, but still play piano.

His song was stunning. A year or so later, still a teen, Paul had his own television show! "Country Key" on the ABC and featured Paul and guests. He was confident, he was good looking and debonair. Talented beyond his years.  He played his own music on national TV. And I couldn't believe he played an Ovation, an American guitar for God's sake!  He was cool. The theme for "Country Key" was this mean picking brilliant blue grass thing I had never heard in Adelaide before, yet alone on local television. A great theme by any standards.

By the late 70's we were both Melbourne bound, like so many young musicians who had very quickly outgrown Adelaide. I did some "ad" sessions for him in the days when they existed and I helped him back into the television world in the early nineties. He got to do the music for "The Comedy Sale" - my territory, and I helped him out quite a bit. The show lasted 2 weeks I think. It was in Googling him today that I had found out he had sadly left us. I was wondering what he was up to.

To his friends I thought this background would put Paul Smyth, the musician into perspective. A year older than me, he was my inspiration in my teens and showed me that even if you come from Norwood High, there's no reason why you can't aspire to write music for television. I just took a little longer than he did but it's what I do now. He was just was so talented and so mature as a teen. It was a pleasure to experience and to work with this musical genius.

Paul will be missed.

More soon hopefully - which I will post on this site.
If you feel there is anything here that needs to change let me know.

I will give Paul the last word, from the end of his biography...

"Many thanks to my family, friends and fans
for all their help and support... my love to you all!"

A Course In Camel I I Talk Like A Pirate Day
German New Medicine I Photos




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