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These photos are from Radha with a brief message below. If you click on a photo it should open a really close-up in a new window. They are hi resolution so they may take a while to load.

Our love to all who grieve for Paul. It is a huge ache for each of us, and although words cannot help, may you reach peace in the knowledge that he is with us always. We are also grateful that he left a legacy of his work - the magic of his music, as we are sure you are also grateful. Through this we can hear his commitment to the transformation of fear into freedom, hatred into love, and separation into unity.

In approximation of impact, event, and all-too-brief flash of light, which Paul might be: Presence, Spine, Heart, Mastery, Genius, Humour, Wit. Yet this is so insufficient. It's easier to talk about his music. His song writing, music and productions are really the sounds of his lit spirit, the voice of his authentic self - and this blazes with passion, pulse and power. Always. Thank you Paul.

From Radha (on behalf of Paul's Sydney family), Omshree, Rosa, Katie, Leanne, Tony, Paul, Billie, Tyler, Brooklyn, Lohani, Tiffany, Gerry, Richard, Merv, Linda, Joel and Jesse. And thanks to Jay for organising this site.

We took these photos between 1996 - 2004. The scenery photo is Paul's snapshot at Hanalei Bay in Hawaii (2001), one of his favourite places.

Paul's father Jack passed away in 2003. I have no doubt that Paul and Jack had a happy reunion. If you would like to contact me call 02 9984 8480.

Radha Kane


Below is one of Paul's favourite paradisic places in Hawaii

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